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Are you looking for top level media training and public speaking? We can help you. Hillside Training is an international  training agency with some of the world’s leading broadcast trainers on the books.

Operating for more than 50 years we work with you to devise the best programme to suit your needs. You might want one-off issues coaching, a media workshop, a public speaking seminar, any aspect of communication that improves executive performance.

Our team of journalists and presenter tutors are leaders in their field, with huge amounts of experience. This highly effective media and public speaking team has developed the key training techniques and theories now adopted as world standard.

We are about highly practical training backed with confidence building and performance enhancing feedback either in-house or at some of our top studios in the UK and around the world.

Stakeholder Engagement

This course will give you confidence and credibility in all encounters you may have in your day to day working life. Whether gaining new customers/sponsors, taking part in committee meetings, dealing with government officials, or passing on information to staff, you need to be able to communicate persuasively. During the day you will be given the tips and tools to be able to understand the concerns of your audience, craft the relevant messages for them, and finally deliver these key points in a clear, concise and credible manner.

The day is run as a workshop with several recorded interactive exercises to give you the chance to practice your skills.

Affordable training. 3-6 delegates per session. Call 0207 041 6212 now, to find out more.

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